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Thanks for stopping by... we know you're going to like what you see because we are the same as you - regular people who enjoy shooting sports and our great outdoors, but who also look for good value and good service.

We started Colonel Mustard in 2013 because we realised that there was a need for a retailer that took the business of accessories and less 'high profile' items seriously and professionally - we actually have over 30 years experience in running manufacturing and retail businesses.

We work closely with Timber Creek Outdoors, Pathfinder / Self Reliance Outfitters, Truglo, Esbit, Gerber, NcStar / VISM, Condor Outdoors, Gear Aid / McNett Tactical, Acebeam Flashlights, Maple Ridge Armoury, Comp-Tac, Froglube, Brunton, Nalgene, Mossy Oak, Remington, Scat, Counter Assault, Ultimate Survival Technologies (UST), GSI Outdoors, Wolff and others as our key brands and trust their integrity and warranties. They have terrific products (which is why we carry them), but they have a lot of items, some in multiple sizes and colours... so we understand that most gun or outdoor stores just can't dedicate the space or the resources in ensuring that they have multiple products in multiple sizes and colours in stock... we do (or at least we try to!).

If a product does not say 'Sold Out' or 'Put me on the Waiting List' in the description it means we physically have stock in Alberta (we're based in Cochrane, just West of Calgary). We do have frequent stocking shipments coming in to us, so if we are sold out, it shouldn’t be for too long, as long as the manufacturer has stock. If there is something you would like from the brands we carry that you don't see on the website or you're looking for a higher volume than we currently have in stock, please drop us an email!

Enjoy the website - every single page starts with 'https://' to show that each page is secure, so you can be sure that we run a tight ship, but we're still a small team so thank you for your patience if we can't get to your message straight away (it's usually faster for us to respond to emails than phone calls).

Update: 9 April 2020 - Yes, we're still working hard in the office and warehouse - so much so that we've got through all shipping backlogs!

The Alberta Government has announced the mandatory closure of some businesses in the province, however e-commerce / online shopping is specifically excluded from this list of businesses, so our operations will continue. We are following federal and provincial guidelines and laws relating to safe working practices and social distancing (it means some dancing around each other, but we're now pretty good at it!).

We are shipping out orders as fast as we can as we know how important it is to get what you've ordered in a timely manner - we have extra warehouse shifts booked for this week and next week. We're currently looking at just 1/2 days for picking, packing and shipping out! There is no shipping at all tomorrow, Good Friday. Courier companies are working Monday, Canada Post shipments will physically leave Tuesday as Canada Post are off Monday too.

Stay safe.