Life has been difficult for retailers (well, for everyone really) since Covid-19 started and then 'to rub salt into the wound' we discovered that Condor Outdoor had made the decision to discontinue all their MultiCam items a few weeks ago! What? Why?

As a bit of background, the US Army has used MultiCam OCP (Operational Camouflage Pattern) operationally for a number of years but decided that they needed their own new dedicated camouflage and so they developed and have recently adopted Scorpion W2 OCP .

Condor Outdoor, being a US company, have now got the license to produce their products in Scorpion W2 OCP so they decided that as it's so similar to MultiCam (pic below shows MultiCam on the left and Scorpion on the right) that they could just get rid of MultiCam.

MultiCam Left Scorpion Right Comparison

So we can use Scorpion and no-one will notice anyway? Problem solved!

Well, it would be the perfect solution if it wasn't for the US Government not allowing the export of this proprietary camo pattern...

MultiCam is widely popular around the world, being used operationally by the military, or sections of the military, in the UK, many European countries, India, Australia, Brazil, New Zealand and even Canada!

It's also a great pattern for hunting - seemingly perfect for the terrain of Alberta and personally used for this purpose by myself.

So what have we done about it?

We and other dealers pushed back on Condor's decision and they have relented a little and will continue to produce some of their products in MultiCam (as well as Scorpion) and are even going to expand their MultiCam Black offerings.

This is the list of SKUs that they are going to continue to produce in MultiCam:

161080-008 S/LCondor Flex Cap, Multicam
161109-008Fleece Multi-Wrap, Multicam
161140-008-S/LFlex Tactical Mesh Cap, Multicam
191031-008Rip Away Emt Lite, Multicam
191233-008Triple Kangaroo Mag Pouch, Multicam GEN2
201039-008Gunner Plate Carrier, Multicam
212-008Multi Wrap, Multicam
MA21-008Emt Pouch, Multicam
MA22-0083 Fold Mag Recovery Pouch, Multicam
MA23-008Double Pistol Mag Pouch, Multicam
MA26-008Gadget Pouch, Multicam
MA27-008Triple M4/M16 Open Top Mag Pouch, Multicam
MA35-008Map Pouch, Multicam
MA40-008H2O Pouch, Multicam
MA41-008Rip Away Emt Pouch, Multicam
MA44-008Triple Stacker M4 Mag Pouch, Multicam
MA54-008T & T Pouch, Multicam
MA64-008Sidekick Pouch, Multicam
MA8-008Utility Pouch, Multicam
MA9-008Radio Pouch, Multicam
MOPC-008Modular Operator Plate Carrier, Multicam
TB-008Tactical Belt, Multicam
TC-008Tactical Cap, Multicam
TCM-008Mesh Tactical Cap, Multicam
TCT-008Tactical Team Cap, Multicam
TCTM-008Mesh Tactical Team Cap, Multicam
US1001-008Cobra One Point Bungee Sling, Multicam
US1002-008Cbt 2 Point Bungee Sling, Multicam
US1009-008Stryke Single Bungee Conversion Sling
US1013-008Tube Cover ( 4 Pcs / Pack ), Multicam
US1019-008 S to 3XLCobra Gun Belt, S-3XL
US1020-008Cyclone Plate Carrier, Multicam
US1026-008Rain Cover 40 L, Multicam
US1041-008Neck Gaiter, Multicam

This is the list of SKUs that they are going to either continue to produce in MultiCam Black or will produce shortly:

121160-021-L/ M/ SSlim Battle Belt
191031-021Rip Away Emt Lite
191128-021Universal Rifle Mag Pouch
191178-021Compact Utility Pouch
201042-021Sentry Plate Carrier
HCB-021Hydration Carrier
MA23-021Double Pistol Mag Pouch
MA26-021Gadget Pouch
MA27-021Triple M4/M16 Open Top Mag Pouch
MA32-021Single Pistol Mag Pouch
191232-021Double Kangaroo Mag Pouch GEN2
191233-021Triple Kangaroo Mag Pouch GEN2
MA64-021Sidekick Pouch
MCR5-021Recon Chest Rig
MOPC-021Modular Operator Plate Carrier

Anything not on these lists is discontinued and largely out of stock in Condor Outdoor's warehouse. We have done our best to stock up but once any SKUs not on these lists are gone, they're gone. We have notes to this effect on each of the affected listings that we still have.

We will be looking to replace some items from other manufacturers but we have not been able to find a manufacturer that offers this quality at this price point. Our search continues, but in the meantime if there is something you have had your eye on in MultiCam from Condor Outdoor, grab it today!

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