MultiCam becoming harder to find...

Life has been difficult for retailers (well, for everyone really) since Covid-19 started and then 'to rub salt into the wound' we discovered that Condor Outdoor had made the decision to discontinue all their MultiCam items a few weeks ago! What? Why?

As a bit of background, the US Army has used Crye-Precision MultiCam OCP (Operational Camouflage Pattern) operationally for a number of years but decided that they needed their own new dedicated camouflage and so they developed and have recently adopted Scorpion W2 OCP .

Condor Outdoor, being a US company, have now got the license to produce their products in Scorpion W2 OCP so they decided that as it's so similar to MultiCam (pic below shows MultiCam on the left and Scorpion on the right) that they could just get rid of MultiCam.